Q: How much do you charge?

A: This varies, depending on the number of dancers, the length or number of sets and the type of event. We are happy to discuss your needs and negotiate a fair price. As a general rule, we would charge between $50-$75 per dancer for one set, and between $75-$100 per dancer for two or more sets, however, we are used to working within a budget, so let us know what your cap is and we’ll let you know what we can do. We may also offer reduced rates for non-profits, community events and certain causes.

Q: Do you ever perform for free?

A: Occasionally, depending on the opportunity, cause, location and event. We love fire dancing and we enjoy promoting the art form, and our collective, so we are open to requests to perform for free.

Q: How long does a fire set last?

A: This depends on the number of dancers and your event. As a general rule, two dancers will perform a 7-10 minute set; 3 dancers 10-12 minutes; 4 or more dancers 12- 20 minutes. In our experience, audiences start to lose interest with fire sets which run longer than 15-20 minutes and we like to keep ‘em hungry. From a theatrical standpoint, we would prefer to perform two shorter fire sets rather than one long one but, again, we’ll work with you.

Q: How safe is this?

A: Fire is fire, and dancing with fire is inherently dangerous, to some extent. With that said, we have been dancing with fire for years without injury to ourselves, our audiences or their property. We perform outside, in fire-appropriate locations and bring a safety person with us for spotting and assistance.

Q: I am putting on an event in a public place, will the fire department approve?

A: Maybe. Approval by the Fire Marshall varies by location. If your event is in a public location (street, park, etc.) we ask that you advise and consult the local Fire Marshal. If he/she is unfamiliar with fire dancing, you may refer them to this website or to our organizer (the person coordinating the gig with you) for further discussion.

Q: Can you coordinate your performance to the theme of my party/event?

A: Most likely. Tell us what your event theme is and we may be able to coordinate our costuming and/or music to that theme.

Q: Do you perform in daylight?

A: No. Fire dancing is a blazing spectacle in the dark, and essentially a pointless exercise in daylight conditions.

Q: What if it rains?

A: Anything from a drizzle to a medium rain is OK with us if it’s OK with your audience. Strong wind is more problematic for us and could potentially delay or cancel a performance. The same would be true of a heavy rain or lightning.

Q: Do you bring anything but fire dancing to an event?

A: At this time Aries is strictly a fire dancing collective, however, we affiliate with many other talented performers who might round-out your event and we are always happy to refer to other artists or coordinate with them. We can refer: belly dancers, stilters, magicians, and musicians. See our Links page for more information.

Q: If I want to hire you, what’s involved?

A: Send an email inquiry describing your event (type of event, date/time, location) and a return phone number. We’ll talk about what you want, what we can offer and discuss a price. If you wish to hire us and we are able to take the gig, there may be some back and forth about details and a need to view the location (a walk through) prior to the event. After that we simply show-up and perform. Payment is due at the time of performance. Cash is preferable; checks are acceptable; we do not take credit cards. We do not sign contracts, liability waivers, or other legal agreements – you take us as we are.